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Liberty 7ft. Backhoe

Product Description

The Liberty 7ft 3-Point Backhoe Attachment is a powerful trenching, landscaping, and excavating implement that will fit on Category 1 and Category 2 Tractors. With the pump included in the backhoe, you do not need to hook it up to your tractors hydraulics and we even supply you with the PTO drive shaft to hook it up to your tractor! The Liberty 7ft. Backhoe is easy to attach and detach and reattach with its 'Quick Attach' 3-Point Hitch System. The significant reach, 7’-8’ foot digging depth, and 5000lbs. digging force allows it to be used for a variety of projects. We use superior components on all Liberty Backhoes designed to ensure performance, reliability, and power.
Each Liberty 7ft Backhoe undergoes a rigorous individual testing and inspection prior to shipment by a Liberty Backhoes supervisor to ensure highest quality. Delivery to your property includes lift-gate service to lower the Liberty 7ft Backhoe to the ground.

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Digging Depth 84"-96"
Overall Reach 114"
Stabilizer Width Up 52"
Stabilizer Width Down 88"
Dumping Height 73"
Operating Height 105"
Suggested HP 29hp+
Pry Power 5,000lbs. (Most Powerful In Class)
Joystick 4-Way Controls and 2 Joystick w/ 2-Way Controls
Relief Valve Adjustable Master Relief Valve
Bucket Rotation 195 degrees
Bucket Size 12" w/three bolted teeth
Tractor Hitch Category 1 or 2
PTO Pump Included
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 5 Gallon
Weight 1244lbs. (Heaviest In Class)
Color Black/Orange
Warranty 3-years

Liberty 7ft. Backhoe

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